The Start Of Whatever

by Oh! Tiger Mountain

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This Is The Start of Whatever


released February 28, 2014

Written, Performed, Produced & Endangered by Oh! Tiger Mountain in 2013 Recorded by Oh! Tiger Mountain with the help of Husbands (Simon Henner and Kid Francescoli) at Microphone HQ, Marseille Mixed Mastered & Rescued by E. Debarros and J.C Andreoni at MicroStudio, Marseille All Songs by Mathieu Poulain Artwork Stéphane Milochevitch Design Nicolas Viegeolat Created with the help of Grim, Conseil Général 13, & Région Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

A Microphone Recordings Production 2014 MICRECSLP01



all rights reserved


Oh! Tiger Mountain France

Soul/Surf/Glam/Space Pop Trooper from Marseille, France



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Track Name: The Start Of Whatever
THE START OF WHATEVER This is the start of whatever This is what's next
Track Name: New Religion
NEW RELIGION My new religion, i was told Hurts but the hurt glows Is that so? You need to hang on and let go And memorize maps of Safer intimate borders You'll make a better lover Everywhere I go It's everything I stand for It's everyone I know You see It's everything I show I switched again And turned to wastelands of appraisal Fake and narrow You look alive only when you're shown truer than life "See that scene was even better but we'll shoot this movie later" I must have fallen asleep some place Between a bride and a commercial break Everything slowly taking shape Please picture this…or walk away? Pull out the cord and save the day! It's a new beginning Everywhere I go It's everyone I know You see It's everything I show
Track Name: He's Not Alone Anymore
HE’S NOT ALONE ANYMORE I remember you shutting out everything Each time I’d take you for a ride Totally dismissive Oblivious To the above And head down below Until there was a crack Then you let out the ghost You're not alone anymore So you took your journey Mind and body Not mine but someone's hold Feel it, reach out, see gold You're not alone anymore
Track Name: Soldier/Not A Soldier
SOLDIER/NOT A SOLDIER I'm a soldier I'm not a soldier Am i a soldier? Oh man, I must be confused Or I'm afraid I first got through this Oh I was a little thing I thought I was lost I took a chance And left the plot I Thought I was safe I Thought I was sane The usual: Gone or left... Doing whatever I sway But i don't have much time to waste Long gone A beautiful terrible way Oh one more day Oh one more day Sometimes it seems it's all I’ve got Oh anything to make you smile To hold the world into our arms so small If only we could love it all
Track Name: November
NOVEMBER Found hope In a cave Time for a truce Stop playing it cool I found rust And decay Nothing's true Except for some blues Fallen apart Built up again With a world to live in History's not waiting For me Will I ever be free? I wake up I lie in bed I wait for you to start your day again I get hurt from things i say But then again I guess we're all the same Fallen apart Picked up again With a world to live in History's not waiting For me Will I ever be free?
Track Name: There Is A Way
THERE IS A WAY I've walked alone Ten times before There is a way I'll walk alone Ten times again There is a way I'll play the game Ten times in vain There is a way It's keeping my blues awake The more I share The more i care (I know It's not the best way) No! Another day Don't loose your way There is a face Keeping my blues away And now my skin And bones within There is a way Stop You thought i could do better…
Track Name: Lovvers
LOVVERS So tell me how you can trace a map And wait for everyone to clap When you see nothing in these colors but your own faith Tell me more about "Them" Am I "Us"? Drinking all day from that cup And all you care about is to give it a name Us lovers don't need to know better Look baby now The city is warm And the population's bored And there's noise And there's greed And there's pain Oh no! See you're making sense again When you tell me that I’m scared again And that all i have to do is take your hand Okay…
Track Name: He's Alive
HE'S ALIVE He's alive I try to keep my eyes open while I still can Nothing's ever quiet in this land These days were blessed I was a mess And now full circle where memories dwell Oh well
Track Name: YourMostProminentSon
YOURMOSTPROMINENTSONS He's okay Your most prominent son He's been living his life On his own, no harm done Quarantined, Left with memorable songs And flashes of light He's doing it wrong Another season, A life worth living Through the promise of a prowess Of a land Dreaming of a way to let go of a dream Find a way to make it my own Think twice Don't leave anything out! If you believe all is real, pick a reason to live... Live! Now it's late And the nineties are back There's a hole in the yard Hello mysteries and lies Aftertastes, side effects are a blast And charges are dropped But i know it won't last
Track Name: A Crow's Still A Bird
A CROW'S STILL A BIRD A crow's still a bird A pigeon, wretched A living low A crown in the dirt Shines on Rats racing A crow's still a bird I remember useless threats In empty bars Afraid of kids, just kids Down the block I remember being wrong And you Turned on How much can you tell a friend When you're really gone Oh the creeping sensation of loss A cog’s missing Missing love.